Healthy Foods That Accelerate Healthy Weight Loss

For healthy weight loss, it is important to start by eating healthy. In efforts to lose their excess weight, people make the mistake of starving themselves for long periods. This in turn signals the body to lower its metabolic rate to conserve fuel or create “fat deposits.”

When people do finally eat, the body attempts to store that food as well, causing weight gain, instead of the intended weight loss. So, however strange it may seem, it is important to eat regularly in order to lose weight. The more often you eat, the more often the body uses energy to metabolize the food, helping your healthy weight loss. But what you eat is equally important. The body craves nutrients and not necessarily calorie dense foods. This article lists some healthy food choices that you can indulge in for healthy weight loss.

1. Raw or steamed vegetables: Vegetables are also called miracle foods because they can actually give you a negative calorie deficit. Apparently, some vegetables, like celery and cucumber, use up more calories while getting digested than they provide. While the jury is still out on the “negative calorie” theory, it makes sense to load up on raw vegetables in the form of a salad or with a healthy dip, given their low calorie content. Even lightly steaming them leaves them with most of their nutrient value intact.

2. Fresh fruits: Fruits are, again, very nutrient rich with essential vitamins and minerals. They also are lower in calories than other desserts and are filling because of their high fiber content. So, you can eat more without feeling guilty. Even fruits, like bananas and mangos, often shunned for their higher calorific value, are great choices for mid-day snacks. Having an apple or pear before a meal has been shown to cut down your calorific intake by nearly 25%.

3. Water: Water remains one of the best drinks to keep the body hydrated, and even kill hunger pangs. If you don’t like plain water, try drinking flavored water by using additives, like mint, lemon, or honey; just make sure not to increase the calorific value too much.

4. Green Tea: Research shows that drinking four to five cups of green tea can actually accelerate healthy weight loss. The tea should be drunk without milk or sugar for best results. Green Tea also has anti-ageing properties, which make it even more beneficial.

5. Cereals: Last, but not least, cereals like oats and bran are very low in calories but high in nutrients and fiber. Eaten in the morning for breakfast, they ensure that you stay full and snack less through-out the day. You can also eat them as snacks.

Substituting your normal food with the above will help you with healthy weight loss. It is, however, important to combine a healthy diet with a workout for fat burning to achieve faster results. Along with aerobic exercises, like jogging and swimming, it is a good idea to do weight training for strength building. This increases muscle mass, which in turn increases the body’s ability to burn calories for healthy weight loss.

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