Teach Your Little Kids Healthy Life

It is important to teach you children to stay healthy. Tell them that they should care of foods they consume and nutrition within them. When your children are aware of this, you may not worry too much about the nutrition and meals they consume when you are not supervising them.

What you need to know first is the caloric needs of your family members. Remember that each person’s needs are different. They depend on height, age, weight, gender, and activity level. You can browse USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans to find out how many calories each family member should consume.

If you want your children to stay in normal weight, you have to be the example. It means that you have to maintain healthy weight. There is a research saying that obesity is also genetic. A child with overweight parent will have more chance to be obese rather than those whose parents are in normal weight.

Always remember that your children will watch and imitate their parents’ way of life, including what they eat. That is why it is suggested that you eat a variety of healthy foods. Set a proper portion which suits health standards. You can make a regular schedule for your family meal times. Then your children will be accustomed to this meal schedule.

You can ask them to help you plan daily menu. Tell them about well-balanced meals. Give them the benefits of those kinds of meal. For example, you can tell them that carrot is good for eyes, that milk can make bones strong, and so on. Let them to accompany you while shopping at the grocery store, cooking, and preparing meals. If you think that they are interested in cooking or preparing meals, let them help you. Show them how to boil, bake, fry, etc. However, always watch their activity and make sure that the kitchen tools they hold are safe for them.

While you are shopping at the grocery stores with your children, tell them how to read the labels, especially on the number of calories, the amount of fat, vitamins, minerals, and so on. Also, you can teach them how to choose fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

Then don’t forget to be active in doing some sports or exercises. Ask them to do those activities with you. You can do family biking, or hiking. Be creative to make the activities fun that your children will like it.

Finally we hope this article will be useful for you. One last point, be healthy if you want your children to stay healthy.

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