Need An Appropriate HCG Diet Menu?

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions referencing the HCG diet. What is an appropriate HCG diet menu?

HCG diet menus can definitely change and vary. But they can’t really vary hugely. There are too many restrictions of the diet. There are only a certain number of approved food choices while on the diet. There aren’t any exceptions either; even when you just want to follow a recipe and allow that one spice or vegetable that isn’t “approved” you’re not allowed to make an exception. Recipes can’t be “almost” HCG approved. They either are or they aren’t. And that’s it. Don’t make any exceptions at all; you’ll decrease your weight loss potential drastically by making exceptions.

When the HCG product arrives in the mail you’ll find that it comes with a Pocket Guide. On the back of the Pocket Guide is a free HCG diet menu for the use of new dieters. It’s lists breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks for one week. Breakfast is no food. The suggested meal plan is tea only for breakfast.

When dieters are able to stick to “tea for breakfast” they’re able to keep more foods for later in the day. Many use their fruit for breakfast, but then they don’t have it to use as snacks in the afternoon or evening.  

People on the HCG diet find that their hardest time of the day is late evening. That couple hours before bed is extra difficult. They just want a snack; mostly out of habit. They can’t seem to relax after dinner because they are used to eating something right then. Other dieters find themselves unable to focus on the job in the late afternoon because they really, really WANT a snack. It’s not that they are hungry. It’s mostly a habit.

Fruits come in very handy during these times. Fruits are very easy to incorporate as snacks. You can make a smoothie, eat fruit fresh, cut it up and squeeze lemon on it…there are different options. And a snack can make a huge difference.

Make sure to consider your personal preferences when designing your own HCG diet menu. Design it around your preferences and it will be far easier to stick to. Are there any items that are HCG approved that you particularly like? Incorporate them more often. Are there certain days on which you’ve got time to “cook” and other days when you can’t? Take this into consideration when making your HCG diet menu plan.

Make sure to consider all the tools available. They can be quite helpful. Try the sample diet menu. That can be your first week. Then access some of the free articles provided in previous articles. Pull recipes together to generate another week’s worth of HCG diet menu for yourself. And then…you’re in the groove. And you can probably take it from there.

Amelia Handley studied exercise science in college with a minor in Nutrition. Yet she still found herself jumping from diet to diet in order to control her weight. With HCG Diet Direct she’s found a program that allows her to combine her desire to control her own body weight with her education and not feel off balance.

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