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Health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living have compiled this report on the latest natural solutions to eye and vision problems:


The Problem

Did you know that sunlight and pollution are the two biggest factors in damaging the human eye?

The human eye has almost no protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. This bombardment of UV rays leads to free-radical damage responsible for the vast majority of vision problems.

Worse yet, because most of us live near or in pollution-producing cities, our eyes are overexposed to contaminants and are more prone to free-radical damage than any other part of the body.


The Brutal Statistics of AMD

Americans are living longer than ever before and as such, more age-related health issues can occur throughout the body, including the eyes. The older we become, the more prone we are macular degeneration.

Adult Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a progressive deterioration of the macula, the central portion of the retina. The condition is not painful, but it causes the cells in the macula to die.

Because the macula is responsible for high resolution visual acuity in the central field of vision, people with AMD often cannot make out the face of a person, but may be able to see objects in the background.

More than 10 million Americans are affected by macular degeneration every year and it is the leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 55.

Women have a greater degree of probability for developing macular degeneration than men, and at over the age of 75, their risks increase to double that of men. A decrease in estrogen after menopause appears to be the contributing factor.

Because traditional medicine is usually less than effective at restoring eyesight, many people are now turning to alternative health practices to deal with the devastating effects of macular degeneration.


Natural Preventative Measures

Good nutrition, plenty of exercise, protecting the eyes from the sun (sunglasses with a UV protective rating of 400 or more) and refraining from smoking can play essential roles in protecting your eyesight.

Nutritional supplements may also be helpful according to a recent report from the Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS). In this study, people who received antioxidant supplements had a 25 percent reduction in the development of macular degeneration.

The latest medical research reveals you can combat and defeat this constant, ever increasing free-radical assault on your eyes by feeding your body with high powered, targeted natural antioxidants either through diet, supplements, or ideally both.

There are many supplements on the market today that can vastly improve eye health and help prevent vision loss, however, because there are so many on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.


Here is a list of natural vitamins and minerals that can benefit ocular health:

Lutein  –  increases macular pigment levels, protects against oxidative damage
Vitamin E – a major free radical neutralizer
Vitamin C – helps build collagen fibers
Alpha Lipoic Acid – a powerful antioxidant, plus it increases the potency of vitamins E and C
Zinc Oxide – provide excellent protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays
Selenium Yeast – an essential micronutrient and excellent free radical neutralizer
Beta-Carotene – a carotenoid/antioxidant, for overall eye health and night vision oxygen to the cells of the eyes
Astaxanthin – an oxygenated carotenoid, a powerful antioxidant, enhances vitamins E and C
Lecithin – a phospholipid and a primary building block of all cellular membranes in the body
Choline – for nerve transmission, and helps remove fat and cholesterol build-up from the body
Magnesium – helps to regulate the outflow of aqueous humor from the inner eye

As you can see, this list of nature’s vision helpers is quite large.

In order to simplify the use of these helpers, the Institute for Vibrant Living has formulated Vision Clear, an all-natural eye health supplement that incorporates these proven ingredients into a single eye health program. There’s no paperwork to fill out and no office exams necessary to participate. For details, visit IVLProducts.com


Take Preventative Action

As with all diseases, prevention and early detection are two of the biggest contributors to the best possible outcome.

If you have blurred central vision, have difficulty seeing detail or have diminished color vision you should contact your eye doctor immediately for an exam. Regular comprehensive eye exams can detect macular degeneration in its very early stages, well before the disease causes vision loss.

Please – make sure that you have regular eye exams, especially if you are 50 years or older.

It makes good preventative sense to start taking supplements today in order to help to forestall the heartbreaking symptoms of macular degeneration from taking hold of your freedom of living a healthy lifestyle. 

After all, don’t you deserve to enjoy a clear vision of nature’s beauty while experiencing the joy of healthy living for many, many years to come?

Of course you do!


David Flores is a natural health researcher for Institute for Vibrant Living, a leading source for all-natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals for many health and nutrition challenges.  To learn more about the products offered by the Institute for Vibrant Living visit http://www.ivlproducts.com


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