Easy, Healthy Snacks For Growing, Busy Kids

If you think that the only snacks for kids are cookies and crackers with milk, then you are sadly mistaken. Health and nutrition in children should be well supplemented when it comes to snack time.

But if you are like a lot of moms who are usually busy or working, there is a chance that you don’t get to monitor what your children eat in between meals. What would particularly be concerning would be the fact that you have no idea if they are eating healthy.

So if you are working and you don’t normally have a lot of time on hand, then you should try to set aside your grocery day as “snack-shopping day” too. Get the kids to go with you, but steer clear of junk food and chips – a current favorite for kids nowadays.

Here are some tips for nutritious and healthy snack foods that won’t set you wondering about your kids while at work:

– Fruits and vegetables. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of kids could actually be interested in fruits and greens. The thing is, they just don’t see their elders (read: parents or grandparents, aunts or uncles, etc.) eat these “supposedly” nutritious food. It is one thing to force food on a child; it is another thing to show him that it is actually enjoyable to eat food as nutritious as these. Have a veggie platter – cut up carrots, broccoli, celery and lightly steamed green beans – and include a cheese dip or some salad dressing that your kids love. Fruits can be eaten fresh (like pears, apples, bananas, etc.) or mixed with breads (muffins made with blueberry or bran).
– Tortillas and quesadillas. Grate some cheese over a tortilla, fold and cut into wedges and dip in salsa. Quesadillas are usually cheesy – and when there’s cheese, you can put in anything you want – chopped vegetables, grilled chicken leftovers, etc.
– Eggs. Nutritious and very easy to prepare in a hundred ways. You can put it in a sandwich, scrambled. You can serve it as an omelet, folded with chopped tomatoes, onions and basil that are sauteed in butter and top with cheese. You can hard-boil an egg, and your child can eat it as is. As long as you don’t overdo it by forcing the child to eat eggs more than twice a day, then it’s fine as the nutrition would still be absorbed by the body.
– Milk and/or yoghurt. Both are excellent sources of calcium. Some kids don’t easily take to the yoghurt though, so it’s best that you buy it plain, and mix in some of your child’s favorite fruits, or serve with some granola bars at the side.
– Dried fruits and nuts. Go unsalted, I always say. Cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and some soy nuts combined with raisins, dates and even dry mangoes or pineapple make for the best fruit-and-nut snack. Best enjoyed with family and friends.

When it comes to your kids, you would want only the best for them. Try having these in your fridge or on your table to encourage your kids to eat what’s best for them.

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