1200 calorie diet to lose weight

Who are you kidding?

1200 calorie diet to lose weight, if you want to starve and be frustrated all the time, just do it.  Do you realize that one single toast with peanut button is 166 calories, one single ham sandwich is 285.11, one cup of spaghetti and Meat sauce is 300, a mid steak with 1 cup of mash potatoes and vegies is around 500 depending on the size of the steak, one cheese burger is around 300.  With that said, do you realize that 1200 calories can easily be reached in one single day.  If you really want to lose weight, you need to learn which foods are good to eat.

To optimize your chances of losing weight, you need to implement a weight lost strategy that will work in the long term.  Changing your eating habits is not easy and when you restrict yourself with counting calories, you will lose the weight but when your goal is reached, you’ll most often go back to your old habits and start regaining the weight that you most definitely worked hard at losing.  If you want to lose the weight for the long term, you must choose the right tool.  Do you know that there are wrong fats and good fats?  Our bodies need fats the stay healthy, it’s just to learn which ones are the right ones.  Do you know that choosing multi grain bread is not always the right healthy choice?  Do you know that some yogurt that are low fat are not always low fat?  Long term weight lost and weight control is all about learning what those foods are and what effect they have on your body.  The mixture of eating the right foods and a little exercise like taking a walk is a winning combination.  I highly recommend that you watch the video on this website.

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