A Healthy Cat Is One That Is Fed Healthy Food

When you bring home a kitten or an adult cat has suddenly adopted you by turning up at your front door, your immediate reaction may be to give them food and water.

However, it is worth taking your new feline friend to a local vet to have him checked out. As cat nutrition is now of the most important things to be aware of, your vet will happily recommend a brand of quality cat food.

Healthy cat food given to a cat as part of his healthy pet diet is ideal in the quest for cat nutrition. It is good not to have to worry if he is being fed well and receiving all the vitamins and minerals to promote a long and healthy wife.

When changing over from one brand of cat food to another one, take care to avoid a cats digestive system being upset. New food should be mixed in with existing cat food, and the transfer should be made over a period of three or four days.

If you feel that you want to mix up your cat’s pet diet then add a little wet food occasionally with the kibble. However, make sure the balance and the portions of the cat food are correct.

Most owners love to see their cat enjoying their food; manufacturers list the ingredients on the side of the packaging so owners of cats can check the amounts of quality ingredients they are feeding to their pet.

Diet can be made easy – cat nutrition that is given right from the time a kitten enters a new home ensures he has strong healthy bones and muscles plus a sleek shiny coat and bright eyes.

At Hills Pets we have a wide range of pet food; our range of quality food is manufactured to cater for kittens and adults cats, ensuring they receive the best cat nutrition to enrich their lives.

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