How To Make A Relationship Last – 7 Important Points To A Happy Ever Relationship

We always want nothing but the best in our life: successful work, perfect partner and a wish to make a relationship last. Who would not say YES to all those dreams and wishes? Life is necessary with support and one good support we can have is the support from a good relationship.Love in the relationship can totally transform you as a person; it can really make a change in your life from negative to positive.We have always been saying that we want a good lasting relationship, and so what we need here is commitment, understanding, trust, respect and the acceptance for change. Unique as we all are, there are still common principles in all relationships for it to be meaningful, essential and exciting.

1. Establish a deeper connection with your partner.
When you are in the relationship, you need to be involved with your partner, as in part of you is with him as you focus on his positive attitudes and his willingness to love and value you forever. As much as possible, do activities that you both love doing such as movie marathon, eating, sports, etc. because doing things together can promote better connection between the both of you and to the relationship.

2. Solve the conflict together.
It is as always normal when conflict happens in the relationship, some are expected and some are not. You have to first address and acknowledge the conflicts. In that way, you will be able to talk about the issues and if you are to be blamed why it happened, accept it whole heartedly and say sorry for what you have done. With the observed issues and conflicts, both needs intervention and silence cannot help solve it.

3. Honest communication.
Communication is not just simply an exchange of words, it also needs honesty, openness and respect. Direct communication is essential of all communications because when both of you shares openly your desires, needs, fears and worries, both of you feel that you trust each other.

4. Keep the element of surprise in the relationship.
It is best that once in a while you have some surprising element for each other because that is one key to make a relationship last. Surprising each other with things placed on your bag can be so touching, and surprises don’t need to be expensive, just the thought that you made an effort to surprise each other is enough. Cooking for them is also heartwarming, as they say; a way to the mans/girls heart is through his stomach.An element of surprise is so important in a boring relationship as it aids in the bringing back of glow and spark.

5. Share some laughter in the relationship.
One of the essential components of a good relationship that is often neglected is humor. At some point when both of you are silent, be funny for a moment by telling jokes even if it’s not at all funny. You may have not laughed out loud of the jokes, but it is good to know that you laugh because of how stupid you get with each other.

6. Keep compromise in the relationship.
Healthy relationships are built on Give and Take. Avoid making expectations in the relationship or else you will get disappointed. One thing that you can do in the relationship is to be able to recognize the needs of each other towards building a good relationship with each other.

7. Expect ups and downs.
One nature of relationship is going through the highest and lowest points in your life.Downs are the stressors that cannot be avoided and it can make you short-tempered, thus adding more conflict to the problem. What you need to do is to accept that problems will come into the relationship. So if you know you need some changes in the relationship and might as well to yourself, do so.

When you establish and build relationship, it is a lifetime investment to maintain and nurture. Once you build it, you need to work for patience, respect, trust, acceptance, understanding and the willingness to learn. Sometimes, you also have to know that happiness is not an everyday part of relationship.Sometimes, it is beneficial to feel hurt in the relationship because hurting may lead to learning, thus making you value more the relationship. To make a relationship last, you do not need to be perfect but you need to be imperfect so that you will see and learn how you love and how have you been loved despite of what you are because of him.

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