Why is Goal Setting Important to a Successful Life?

What are some of the things that you want to accomplish in the next year? Five years? Can you see where you would like to be ten years down the line? If you are like most people you have at least a vague idea of where you would like your life to be in the short and distant future, but you have no specific plans on how you are actually going to get there. That essentially is the answer to why goal setting is important.

The only way to get the life you would like to have in five or ten years is to decide right now what specifically that life will include. What you do today will determine your future tomorrow which will in turn determine much of the next day. It’s a proven fact that what you do right now with your life will have a big impact on where you end up in the future. One day’s success leads into success the next day.

If you set goals for your future now, then you know what you are working toward. You have your eye on the prize and can make wise decisions on what to do with your time.

You want to use your time pushing yourself one day closer to those goals. Whether you spend three hours sitting on the couch watching TV or doing something more valuable to your future is in your hands, but you can’t make that decision if you don’t know exactly what future you are working toward.

Goals are essentially the first step to a successful future. They allow you to spend your time wisely so that you have a fighting chance of getting where you want to be. You don’t become a successful dancer, personal trainer, accountant, or anything else by accident. At least, very few people do!

If it is too complicated to think of goal setting five years out, start with one year. Where would you like to be in a year? Set those goals and focus on getting closer to that dream for the next 365 days.

Find out more about why goal setting is important and discover these simple techniques to turn your goals into reality.

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