Why Horse Rug Washing Is Important for Horse and Rider

Horse rug washing is essential to maintain both the horse’s skin health and the long life of a horse blanket. Horse blankets are a piece of material which is positioned in-between the saddle and the horse’s back and sides to protect it from the harsh material on the underside of the saddle as it may scratch or cause the horse or pony irritation or even a skin disorder.

Regular Horse Rug Washing

It is recommended to ensure a horse blanket has a long life that they are washed professionally regularly between 1 and 2 times a year with specialist cleaning chemicals and washed in a washing machine. This is not to say that horse rugs do not need to be maintained throughout the year, so I would recommend that you keep them clear from dirt and stored in a dry area when not in use. In addition I would advise to give them a wipe down with a dry brush after each use to ensure when they come into contact with your horses’ skin and fur there is no irritation and discomfort.

Ensuring your horses are comfortable when riding is essential for the safety of those riding and for the well fare of the horses. Plus I sure if you are keen to ensure high standards of husbandry you will want to keep your horses in good health so you will want to make sure their rugs are clean and in good order at all times.

Maintaining Horse Rug Waterproofing

It is essential to maintain the waterproofing of horse rugs whilst washing them to avoid them suffering unnecessary ware and tear and in order to do this it is recommended that you get horse rug washing done by a professional cleaning company. An official rug wash company will ensure that the correct temperatures and cleaning chemicals are used to ensure that the rugs are not damages throughout the washing and drying process. If instead you choose to wash the rugs yourself and use household detergents you may find that the waterproofing of the rugs starts to decrease and water damage occurs which will seriously reduce the lifespan of your horse blankets.

Having a water proof horse rug is important to maintain a comfortable fit for your horses although this can be repaired with re-waterproofing solutions nowadays.

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