Men’s Health – Tips In Taking Care of Your Face

Metrosexuality has become quite commonplace nowadays. This is about men’s skin care as part of your personal hygiene regimen. There are so many products for facial care for men in the market. The following is a guide on what skin care product is best for you.

Majority of males will develop the need for a skin care routine for themselves when they are in their teenage years. Blemishes, acne and other facial problems that may put off the opposite gender is the reason for these routines, but men in general will ignore moisturizing and toning their skin and this in turn will lead to the problems they experience.

Before we start with what products are the best for you, lets us evaluate what your skin type is. There are four types of skin, namely normal, dry, oily, and a combination of the three. A normal skin is characterized by evenness, having less blemishes, flake-free and pores are not that visible. Dry skin types usually have flakes in spots and rough to the touch as well as in appearance. Oily skin types are usually greasy and you can see the pores as well as pimples or blackheads. The combination skin type has a visible area called a T-zone which extends horizontally through the forehead then vertically down through the nose and chin. The T-zone is oily yet the cheek area has a dry skin.

Now that we have identified your skin type, there are only four skin care products that are essential for your regimen, and they are a shaving cream, a facial cleanser, a skin moisturizer that has an affective sunscreen, and a facial astringent. Opt for those skin care products for men that have anti-aging formulas. See to it that you have a regular skin care facial maybe about once a month.

Aloe added to your shaving cream should do some wonders. Apply before shaving and leave on for a few minutes to soften the skin.

Choose a facial cleanser that is compatible with your type of skin. For blemishes, use a liquid cleanser that has salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide added. This cleanser should be used instead of soap. Never apply soap on your face for it will dry your skin. Spread a small amount on your face twice a day, once after waking and another before sleeping. Upon waking oily deposits accumulate in the face.

Applying it before you sleep will remove the grime and dirt from traffic.

The sunscreen on your skin moisturizer will protect your skin against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Opt for a moisturizer with SPF 15 or up. Get a moisturizer in cream form if you have dry skin type. If your skin type is normal or oily skin, get a moisturizer in lotion form. Apply the moisturizer after you apply the cleanser.

Dab on the facial astringent right after shaving. This should close the skin pores and remove remaining traces of dirt and oil. Never use an alcohol-based astringent if your skin type is dry.

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