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We get asked all the time around here by different men if we have any tips to help them attract a woman. To respond to these questions we have decided to put together a few tips that will help you to overcome the hardest part of a attracting a woman.

As most men know, women are very complex and can seem like a mystery. Guys all the time wonder why that woman is with a specific person or what she even sees in another individual. Well there are a few tips that these guys probably followed to get the prized women they are now in a relationship with. As most men agree, the initial meeting is the hardest part of attracting a women, so what can you do?

The first tip we have for you men is to understand eye contact. Eye contact is just that, the connection of the eyes. Many man make the classic mistake of staring at a woman’s assets such her breasts or butt instead of looking at the woman’s eyes. Now we are not saying you can’t flirt a little by looking up and down a woman, but make sure you have and keep eye contact with her eyes the majority of the time.

As well as eye contact body language is also a very big thing woman look for in a man. Women want a confident man that holds his head up high. This means don’t slouch and look nervous. Make sure you uphold good posture and as most women agree, a smile is a great confidence look that a man should wear when meeting women.

The next tip we have is about that initial meeting of a women and then knowing that you have to say something. Too many men clam up and get cold feet and either walk away or totally screw up their pickup line. Be confident and with a smile just ask the person her name. Sounds too easy right? Well it should be easy because women hate confusing men, its their job to confuse you! Smile and give her a genuine compliment as statistics show that most women enjoy a comment about their hair or their clothing. Conversation killers are greasy and overused pickup lines as well as being too flirtatious.

By following these simple tips you will have a much easier time meeting woman and attracting them. Attracting women is a skill, but the beautiful part is that this skill can be learned by any man if enough practice ensues.

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