Finding Healthy Dog Food

For some of us, our dogs are considered a valued member of our family. Therefore it is important to make sure our dogs stay healthy and happy in order to live a long life beside us. In order to ensure our dogs stay in tip top shape it is a necessity to provide our dogs a healthy dog food. Without proper nutrition our dogs can develop illness way before their time. Dog food that does not meet our dog’s nutritional requirements can leave our pets feeling lethargic and even cause allergies such as dermatitis. Poor quality dog food can also cause bad hair and teeth, behavioral problems and stomach upset in many pets.

In order to provide your dog with the best nutrition possible, it is important for you to realize what exactly is in a lot of the commercial dog foods today. Unfortunately, advertising has made us believe that the major dog food brands on the shelves are the healthiest choices for our pets, when the truth is they are full of all sorts of things we would never think to feed our pets.

One of the main ingredients in dog foods today is corn. Corn is usually listed as the first or second ingredient on your dog’s food. Corn is used as the filler and then flavored with some parts of the chicken, lamb or cow. Most of time these are by-products of the animal which include bones, beaks, feet and other parts of the body that are not the most digestible.

When it comes to finding a high quality healthy dog food for your pet, you may need to spend a little more money than you would on a popular cheaper brand of dog food, but I can guarantee your pet will appreciate it. When you look for a healthy dog food you should look for meat as the first and main ingredient on the bag. Second you should look for a grain such as brown rice or oats, not corn. Lastly, make sure the food consists of other fruits and veggies and that there are no by-products, pesticides or hormones added to your pet’s food. By providing a healthier food for your dog, you may begin to notice a healthier and happier dog in your home too.

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