Optimizing Entry Page: The Importance of Optimizing All Entry Points of Your Site

An entry page is the page which a user uses to enter into or access your site. As such, this page need not be your homepage but can be any of the pages your website has. An entry page acquires so much importance in PPC search engine marketing because it acts as the doorway to your site. For this very reason, optimizing an entry becomes the primary concern of every publisher.

Some time ago, publishers used to give maximum importance to their hompages while optimizing for search engines. Creating keyword-rich contents for the homepage was the most important job for SEO consultants. But the scene has changed now. With developments in pay per click advertisements and cross linking features, every page has now become an entry page. Suppose your website has 100 pages and if you are optimizing only your homepage, you end up optimizing just 1 percent of your website. Now what about the other 99 percent?

Especially when you buy PPC ads and involves in link building, it is really important to optimize all or at least a majority of your pages. Effective pay per click management will enable you to direct visitors to the appropriate targeted page when they search using specific keywords. It is your duty to direct your visitors to the relevant page they are looking for. Therefore optimize every page of your website with specific keywords and phrases that users may use to enter your website.

Think of every page on your website as an entry page into your site and this will change your approach for once and for all. This is easier said than done. But it is a long-term strategy and an effective one at securing a comprehensive development for your site. PPC services are available to help you in this endeavor. A PPC search engine marketing company in India offering affordable PPC services to clients across the globe.

This article is written by a technical writer, working at SynapseInteractive, a PPC search engine marketing company in India offering affordable PPC services to clients across the globe.

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