Myth Busting – Beginners Workout Advice

Beginner Workout Tips

If you have recently begun to dip a metaphorical toe – well Bicep, into the exciting, rewarding and sometimes idiosyncratic world of Fitness, Bodybuilding or even general keep fit, then congratulations.

I am certain that you will find you will soon possess energy levels that are through the roof, and muscles in places that you never even realized were muscles. Your blood pressure will go down, your feel good chemicals will be on overdrive, and suddenly you will start to notice members of the opposite sex start to go out of their way to begin conversations with you. Wow.

Of course, all of the above will only come to those who wait, work consistently towards their goals and are willing to learn from educated, honest Trainers. Like me! So this article sets out to detail some very important beginner workout tips and also aims to explode some of the silly myths that get passed round Gym locker rooms the world over.

Beginner Workout Tips For Fat Loss: Use Interval Training To Increase Fat Loss Results.

Most people fall into the misguided notion that they need to be running, walking whatever for as long as absolutely possible in order to effectively burn fat. The truth is; Yes that works, but it is not nearly as effective as HIT cardio. To burn loads more calories than standard cardio all you need to do is cycle between periods of high intensity activity and less strenuous recovery periods.

The great thing about this type of cardio workout is that its quick and super effective. Even when you are resting, your body will be burning calories at greatly increased rates. Watch as the person next to you spends twice as long on the machine opposite whilst you were finished ten minutes ago, and burnt twice as many calories as them. Suckers!

The Old ‘No Pain No Gain Principle’ What A Load Of Baloney

If one of your goals is to build muscle – good on you. As well as looking great, you will also be burning fat more effectively due to muscles inherent fat burning ability. But heres the thing. There is so much misinformation flying around regarding exactly how to build muscle that you need to be careful who you learn from. Its like when people say to me – ‘well no pain no gain.’ Thats dumb. Its all about working smarter not harder!

When you lift weights you are essentially aiming to break down your muscle fibers so that they repair themselves stronger and larger.

When you lift weights and begin to feel ‘the burn’ people assume that there 25-repetition dumbbell curls must really be working! Truth is, you can grow more muscle with a short but intense set with a heavier weight than hundreds of light sets ever will.

If you want to tone muscles – use light weights for 15-25 reps

A medium weight repped for 10-15 times will develop lean quality muscle

Use heavy weights for a low number of repetitions – namely 4-8 for building increased overall muscle mass

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As the Internet increases the amount of information available to us, it is both a blessing and a curse to the aspiring Bodybuilder or Fitness Enthusiast.

With so many conflicting views and opinions, Michael has spent the last ten years siphoning the truth from the hype and practicing what he preaches, whilst clarifying the sometimes baffling information of the Supplement and Diet industries merry go round of new products and scientific ‘breakthroughs.’




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