Importance of healthy liver

Very rarely do we keep this one vital organ in our radar of good health and more than any other organ except kidney our entire body thrives on its good health. Liver mostly our source to secrete bile an enzyme that breaks down fat in the food we ingest. But liver has more functions than one can imagine and it is also the grave yard of our blood cells. One of the key functions of our liver is protein metabolism, vitamin metabolism and storage, mineral metabolism and storage, glucose chain synthesis and storage and fat metabolism. Detoxification of the body and blood is one of the results of these functions. Keeping the liver healthy is keeping the entire body healthy. Your liver will always showcase how unhealthy or stressed your body really is even if you don’t see it outwardly or the other blood parameters are masked.

A healthy liver will never have fatty deposits like it’s loaded with blobs of fat neither will it have stocks of clogged toxins like our drug chemicals, food preservatives, additives, coloring agents, food substitutes etc. Liver was designed to breakdown protein and then help body build up its biomolecules, breakdown fat into fatty acids and further into triglycerides and lipoproteins. It is well equipped to store fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D and E while also metabolizing them for the body. Minerals such as zinc, selenium, copper etc are also broken down from food and metabolized by the liver. When the liver isn’t receiving organic, fresh and well cooked food it is not going to function in its best way after repeated abuses. Alcohol and smoke are the most common substances that cause problems for the liver functioning as the particulate matter from the smoke and other polluting molecules once pass the lungs can harm the liver by depositing in it. The liver cannot get rid of many such pollutants as it cannot process alcohol beyond a limit. To make sure you detoxify your liver you can incorporate herbs, condiments and fresh fruits and vegetables that contain polyphenols, vitamins that can wash out the toxins in the liver and thereby the body. Make sure you ingest raw vegetables everyday as much as raw fruits as it is one of th best medicines to detox your liver and of course nutmeg has also been seen to detoxify liver. Liver is the primary organ which supplies our body the biomolecules it needs to strengthen, repair and discard if our supply and trash can is over loaded with trash itself it won’t do us any good now can it ? Get on a diet that will not only help your overall goals for the body but also take care of these minute yet significant details of the body’s normal functioning.

Neha Wasnik is academically trained to be a registered dietician. She hails from Mumbai and has adequate experience in clinical, exercise and lifestyle nutrition. Her passion is to impart knowledge about wellness that will change people’s lives. She started her career as a clinical professional and evolved to be a fitness consultant at health clubs. Further she made significant progress by promoting wellness at hotels & spas.

Wellness & I is an online lifestyle management program which enables the individual or group to live their aspiring lifestyle without being restricted by geography & timezone. It is a natural extension of Neha. During her counseling sessions she shares her experience of wellness to bring good health and joy to life. She focuses to empower, evolve and encourage the members to become an inspiration for others.


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