Tips For Travelling With Children

Travelling to your holiday destination can be a nightmare if you have young children. It doesn’t matter whether you are flying abroad or driving a few hours to your hot tub break destination in the UK, you still have to keep children amused. If you are fed up with hearing “Are we there yet?” over and over again here are some tips you might wish to keep in mind.

If you are flying abroad with youngsters you might want to check around when booking your flight to find out if there are any night flights. Children may sleep the entire flight, if it is short enough of course, which means you enjoy a peaceful time too during the flight. Children stick to patterns, awake during the day, unless very young, and sleep during the night. Night flights could save you from misery. The same could apply if you are driving to your holiday destination. Let the children play all day at home then set out when they are ready for bed and let them sleep in the car.

If you have a long drive ahead of you to your destination in the UK and you have to drive during the day then make sure that you prepare for the journey. Depending on the age of your children there are plenty of things to keep them occupied. Teenagers will happily listen to their music, read, play games on their portable games player or chat on their phone on the trip. However younger children will need your attention. With this in mind an adult should sit in the back with children, where possible. Reading to them may keep them amused for a half hour to an hour, talking books on a music player will save your vocal cords and provide entertainment. If you don’t own a portable DVD player, it could be worth investing in one, kids can watch cartoons or a movie, depending on age. Any of these ideas could mean the difference between happy kids or listing to them crying and moaning for the entire drive.

However, when you arrive at your destination, be it a lodge in the Lake District, a caravan in Wales or somewhere a little more exotic overseas, the new surrounding may just occupy your children to give you time to catch your breath.

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