Tips For Designing A Full Body Workout

A full body workout consists of working all the major muscle groups each workout session. This is done three days a week with resting days between workouts. If you are just starting a program or going back after a long hiatus you should not do more than one exercise per group of muscles. Any more than that will prove to be counterproductive. The greatest gain in muscle mass and strength will happen in the first few months of the program.

Remember when you design your program that even though you are working a certain muscle group other muscles are being used indirectly. When you are exercising you chest and back your biceps and triceps are also working. On the days that you are doing back and chest you should not include a set for the arms.

If you are designing a program for weight loss you will not use a lot of weight but more repetitions. If you are using more weight for muscle you will design a program that is more weight less repetition. When graduating from one weight class to another you should only increase 5 to 10% higher than what you are already using.

You should also feel free to add in a few isolation exercises depending on what areas that you need to work more. Men generally will do arms and women abdominal muscles. It is equally important for you to keep the workouts short. Longer workout sessions will not get the job done any faster and you will eventually end up pacing yourself or overworking muscles.

The cardio portion of the routine is there to help you build stamina. They should be done at the end of the routine. Cooling down the muscles is essential. Incorporating a stretching segment at the end of the full body workout will do the job of cooling the muscles so you can avoid cramps and bunching up.

Do not listen to those trainers who expect you as a beginner to do high volume or intense workouts. They may have forgotten what it is like to seriously out of shape. Making you sore is not going to do anything but put you off working out all together.

Design your program so that you have ample time between workouts to recuperate. The objective of the intense workouts is to increase your metabolic rate. The workouts will change how your body burns fuel. And if done correctly you can experience hours of continued fat burning long after you have finished your exercises.

In the beginning it is best to only work until you are feeling a bit fatigued. As your body adjust to the actuality of doing more you will be able to push yourself further past this limit. You can test your limits by adding an additional rep each time you do that particular exercise. Increasing in this manner will help you to avoid any pain and muscle strain.

Continue your beginners’ routine for several months, then begin to slowly push yourself harder and harder. Be careful to allow 48 hours or more between sessions for maximum recuperation.

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