Five Points to Ponder on to Keep Fit

Our health is very important as it makes living worth our while. If we are healthy, we do not have to worry about medical bills and we feel good about ourselves. However, on the path to health, we need to bear in mind some essential things that we need to do.

First, you have to start moving more. With the advancement of technology, many things that we do are now easier and do not require us to exert much effort. We have cars, elevators, escalators, to help us move. However, this is also the reason why more and more people are becoming unhealthy. Thus, you have to start finding ways to get into body movement. If you can climb the stairs, then climb! Keep in mind that anything that makes your limbs move is not merely a fitness tool but a stress buster as well.

Second, you have to start eating less fatty foods. Start avoiding burgers, fried foods and other fatty meats like bacon, pork, salami, ham, etc. They may be delicious but they can be dangerous to your health. You also need to choose dairy products that are low fat. In addition, try to limit the amount of sandwich meats and nuts, margarine, mayonnaise, sauces and butter that you consume. Cutting on fat will help; you become lean and it can even make you feel lighter.

Third, you have to quit smoking. Admit it. Smoking is dangerous to your health. You may think that you look cool with a cigarette or that you belong to a group because you smoke. However, think again. Smoking can cause severe damage not only to your lungs but to other people who will inhale the smoke you exhaled as well.

Fourth, you need to reduce your stress. It may sound difficult but trying does not hurt either. You can try thinking positive thoughts or spend 30 minutes each day to doing some things that you like. Alternatively, you can go and get a massage or a facial. You can even start meditating. Alternatively, you can just avoid difficult people.

Fifth, try to avoid pollution. However, it may be difficult to survive in a pollution free environment nowadays, but you can in any case avoid smoke packed rooms, breathing in highway fumes, high traffic areas and doing some exercise on busy thoroughfares. One option is to plant shrubs in the yard to help reduce pollution.

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