Pet health check tips

Your pets are important members of your family, so it’s important to take proper care of them to make sure they stay fit, healthy and happy throughout their lives. Caring for animals doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive when you keep up with regular health checks to make sure your pet is fit and well throughout the year.

While home check-ups are not recommended as an alternative to seeking professional advice from vets if something does arise, they can be highly effective in staving off illness and identifying any potential problems before they have a chance to develop. There are some health checks you can make part of your weekly routine, such as checking under the animal’s fur for any lumps or scabs, inside their ears, and monitoring their eating and drinking habits.

Fighting fleas and other infections can be a little more trying, and should only be carried out at home if you’re confident in your ability to administer flea products correctly. You should never use products intended for dogs on cats, or the other way around, as this can prove extremely hazardous to your animal’s health, and many cats in particular die each year after improper application of insecticides.

You won’t be able to take care of everything at home, of course, and keeping up to date with visits to the vet to get your pet immunised against common diseases could help avoid more serious problems further down the line. Comparing pet insurance quotes is always an option for owners looking to find the best cover or the cheapest deals to protect their animals, and avoid having to pay the full cost for vet fees.

Getting your animal spayed or neutered is another important decision that you’ll have to make when they’re young, especially if you have a cat that you allow to roam free in the streets. Spaying isn’t only useful for avoiding unwanted litters of pups and kittens, but can also reduce your animal’s risk of developing illnesses such as breast cancer, not to mention preventing many aggressive tendencies in males.

For all the wonders that modern medicine can achieve for your pet, the most important things you can do for your animals are to make sure they eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. Taking your dogs for walks helps to channel their aggressive behaviour, and even cats should be encouraged to move around with planned exercise regimes if you feel they’ve slipped into bad habits.

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