Pinpoint the Best Resources for New Workout Routines

One of the best ways to change your routine a bit is by checking out exercise DVDs, as there is a huge selection available. You can purchase these at most stores or online, or even rent them at your local video store, allowing you easy access to new workout routines. If you want to do yoga or Pilates one day, and then circuit training or heavy weight lifting the next, you can typically do so with a video. You can even choose the best one for your situation, as there are prenatal, postnatal, and advanced fitness videos available, to name a few of the most popular kinds.

Most fitness magazines also feature at least one new routine each month, though the majority actually include more than that. In fact, you can usually find at least one new cardio routine, a new toning workout, and a few shorter routines that target certain areas of the body, all in one issue. This allows you to constantly change it up, even if you only get one fitness magazine per month. Imagine the number of new workout routines you could get monthly if you subscribed to a few publications. You could likely start a new routine every few days, or at least every week, so consider this plan of action if you get bored often with your exercise program.

There are plenty of fitness websites that feature different workout routines, allowing you to get a new one quite often. Most sites are free, and include not only routines, but also helpful articles, photos, and advice columns that offer tips. The workout routines that are available on most sites are developed by personal trainers, weight lifting champions, and even average people who have managed to lose lots of weight or gain muscle through their own exercise program. Give their advice a whirl before deciding whether it will help you achieve your workout goals.

One of the downsides of working out constantly is that it can get boring, which leads to most people quitting altogether. Clearly, this would bring your weight loss or muscle gain to a halt, allowing all your hard work to go to waste since you need to exercise continually to keep up the success. Thus, you should consider checking out these resources for new workout routines, especially since most are free and easy to find.

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