Tips For Photographing Children

Parents and grandparents will often choose their children or grandchildren as the number one subject to take pictures of and understandably so. Children are fun and entertaining to watch, but unfortunately, they won’t remain children forever.

That’s why parents take as many photographs as they can to capture some of those fun and entertaining moments their children provide them. As the kids get older, those precious seconds, minutes, and hours will start to fade away.

Photographs help freeze those moments in time, so that they can enjoy their children even when their children are adults. The problem is that children aren’t always the most cooperative or easy subjects to photograph. Here are some tips to help you out:

Take photos of them regularly

The more photos you take of your children, the better off you are. After awhile, children will start to get used to you clicking off photos of them and will sometimes even stop long enough to pose for a photo or two.

Children are more interested in exploring and doing what they want to do. The last thing they think of is whether or not what they’re doing is a photographable moment. Once they get used to you taking pictures and see the results of them, they’ll be less likely to run off the next time you want take a photo of them.

Be prepared

The best pictures taken of children are those instant and unexpected moments. Trying to set up the scene for a photo opportunity is next to impossible, because the child is not likely to stick with a pose for more than a second or two.

The world is full of distractions. A slow crawling bug can grab their attention faster than you can whip out your camera. Instead of trying to set up your photo with them, simply have your camera ready and shoot the second you see something to capture on film; like them watching the crawling bug.

For those Set up moments

Of course, the instant, unexpected moments are the best option, but sometimes you want to actually set the scene for your photo opportunity; such as portrait taking. When those rare moments occur, you need to have a helping hand or two to aid in making the opportunity a success.

Have your camera adjusted and ready to go before you even try it. Everything should be in place before your child is placed in the chosen area. Your assistants’ job is to distract the child by standing behind or close to you and doing whatever it takes to get the child’s attention on them and try to get them to smile.

When your child looks in that direction and has a smile or something close to it; that’s when you should quickly take the photograph. Get one or two more if possible just for good measure. Try not to spend too much time on it. The more time you take, the more irritable they could become.

Photographing children can be difficult, but they can also be fun. Learn to be patient and don’t expect perfection when it comes to your children and photos. Focus on capturing moments in time rather on getting the most perfect picture possible. A picture of a child dumping sand on themselves and laughing is a much better photo opportunity then a child in a fancy outfit crying because they’re uncomfortable and irritable.

Nell Taliercio is an amateur photographer that sees life through the viewfinder and shares what she finds on her blog. If you’re looking to compare nikon digital cameras, and other tools for photographers she has a section for that, too.

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