Importance of Liver Cleansing and Health Benefits

Liver cleansing is important to minimize all sorts of digestive disorders and keep the body healthy and fit. Liver aliments are quite common feature with many, which sometimes lead to disastrous consequences. Faulty eating habits, like eating too much of junk and spicy foods have become a part our daily life exerting excess pressure on the liver. Retardation of liver functions is observed with aging. Few are aware of this fact and go on taking unhealthy foods leading to liver congestion. The liver has to work more to detoxify and reduce the toxin build up.

Cause of Liver Congestion

Liver congestion is caused due to

1. Faulty eating habits
2. Overeating
3. Obesity
4. Drinking
5. Use of certain drugs
6. Abnormal secretion of growth hormones.

Importance of Liver Cleansing

Cleansing of liver means to flush out harmful toxins from the liver or detoxify the liver. Liver cleansing should be given due importance to stay healthy for longer time. Using Epsom salts and grape fruit juice, liver cleansing process can be safely carried out from home.

Select a particular day for liver cleansing and have a fat less or fruit diet on that day. Strictly avoid taking any medicine on that day. Don’t take any food 3-4 hours before the first course of liver cleansing. Make four servings mixing 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt with 3 cups of fresh grapefruit juice. Drink the first serving in the afternoon and the next serving after two hours.

Squeeze out half cup of fresh grapefruit juice and remove the pulp. Take at least half cup of the juice and add a cup of olive oil to it. Mix it properly and drink the mixture. Go to bed immediately.

Take the third serving of the Epsom salt mixture next morning and the fourth serving after 2 hours. You can get back to your normal diet with fruits after 2 hours.

This cleansing process may result in diarrhea, which also helps in flushing out the gall stones. There are many other ways of liver cleansing using fruit juices, essential oils and herbs. Liver cleansing can be carried out twice a year, but not during the winter season. You can seek the help of a natural health practitioner before taking up this process.

Herbal supplements such as Livoxil capsules are highly beneficial in natural cleaning of liver and maintaining healthy liver functions. Livoxil capsule is uniquely formulated herbal supplement made of potent herbal ingredients that can effectively detoxify and reduce the toxin build up.

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