The Magic Effect of HCG Diet Menu


I want to tell everyone that I have got rid of my weight problem forever, and the process is shorter than I have thought. Let me tell you why. The secret is my own HCG diet menu. You can’t imagine the magic effect of it.

I am not a very fat girl to be honest, but I want to be thinner, because I think a thin girl is sexier to boys. And losing weight by doing exercise is too hard and tired for me. So, when I heard about the HCG, I decide to but it at once. The result proves me I have made a very right decision. And it can not be more right. What’s more, I make a HCG diet menu at that time. And I follow it everyday.

The magic effect is I lose weight very soon, and the process is very good. The HCG doesn’t make me sick, but make me more powerful. I am full of power all the time.

I don’t eat meat, and drink less milk. More green vegetables show in my each meal. I once thought the fast food is the best food in the world, but I am very wrong. The green vegetables are very delicious in fact. According to my HCG diet menu, I should drink fresh fruit juices as often as possible. And I drink 2 glasses of water every day in the morning.

And I begin to love eating fruits now. The best one is banana. It has magic effect in helping lose your weight. And other fruits are OK too. I nearly forget to tell you that my friend Ella is using HCG. We started at the same time. The difference is she doesn’t make her HCG diet menu.

The result is she is still fighting with her weight problem.

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