Good Workout Program For Beginners – Ab Workout Program For Beginners

Good Workout Program For Beginners

If you’re just starting out with ab training (or any training), it can be a little difficult to figure out just where to start.  So, here’s an ab workout program designed for beginners to be able to get a jump start and get moving as quickly as possible without having to worry that they’re missing something. Good Workout Program For Beginners

First off, we’re assuming that you do not have any injuries or other physical impediments to your training.  In my program, I often have people start off with some very easy and gentle exercises to simply test the integrity of their lower spine and core area to make sure they can handle ANY kind of exercise whatsoever.  But, for purposes of this brief article, we’ll just assume that you don’t have any such issues.

Next, we’ll quick go over the main two concerns to keep in mind while choosing any ab routine, and then give you the actual exercises.  The two main concepts to keep in mind are: first, to choose at least one exercise for each of the areas making up the entire core.  Those areas are the front abs, the side abs, and what I call the “rear abs” or low back extensors.  ALL THREE areas need to be addressed, each time.

Second, avoid exercises that will build up bulk.  That means, keeping the resistance very low and using many repetitions or a long, sustained contraction.

Okay, now that we have our basic parameters in place, here’s a good beginner’s routine:

1.Crunch- the old stand-by, this exercise is a consistent favorite because it works.  It’s simple, doesn’t require any equipment, and is scalable (meaning good for beginners or experts).  Remember to keep your legs in the air to remove any use of the hip flexor muscles.  This exercise stresses the front abs, or rectus abdominis (six pack).  You can make it more challenging by doing it on a stability ball. Good Workout Program For Beginners

  1. Side Plank-  another simple exercise that requires no equipment, the side plank will stress the obliques or side abs.  If you’re worried about love handles or muffin tops, this is the exercise you don’t want to miss.  A lot of people underestimate this exercise.  Do eight or nine side planks on either side, and you’ll be feeling it the next day.

3.The superman- this is a good one for the lower back hyperextensors that doesn’t require any equipment and isn’t terribly intense to perform. The only thing to watch out for is that you don’t strain your neck while you’re waving your arms back and forth.

How much of each exercise should you do?  How often?  Well, I’d start off with training twice a week, and then add in more days as your schedule permits.  But twice a week is fine for starters.

As far as how many repetitions of each exercise you should do, frankly, that’s up to you.  Everybody is so very variable when it comes to this that any simple catch-all number will be meaningless.  But, if you absolutely, positively HAVE to have some numbers to shoot for, try to work your way up to fifty ab crunches, ten side planks (each side), and full sixty seconds’ worth of the superman.

After that, you won’t be doing a beginner’s ab workout program any more… because you won’t be a beginner. Good Workout Program For Beginners


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