Best Man Speeches – The Importance Of Sincerity

Traditionally speaking, best man speeches are made days ahead of the actual wedding. These are prepared in the same manner that the bride and groom write their wedding vows. In context, these should always be able to address and reflect the groom while still giving respect and due regard to the bride.

While it is more common for the best man to be someone who is near and dear to the groom, there are also occasions when this role is selected by the bride. In most cases, these are done and delivered in a humorous fashion. It reflects not only the bride or the groom as an individual – but as a couple as well. It is customary to make this toast and make everyone in the crowd know how great each one of the newlyweds are. The complements and the well wishes are also commonly mentioned.

Much like the wedding vows, best man speeches are created and delivered as sincerely as it has been prepared. In certain occasions, this is their only chance to reveal a side of the groom or the bride which most people may not know. It is intended to bring smiles and a few laughs without marring the individual’s integrity. These are also meant to reflect the kind of personality the groom or the bride has. However, it should always be noted that these speeches are done in respect to both; which is why it is important to consistently maintain a balance between just humor and sensitivity.

Sincerity is the one thing that you can never fake. It is also the one thing that can overcome even the worse speech in the world. If you can find it within yourself to come up with something truly sincere then even if you are not that great at making speeches, you will find everybody at the wedding moved by your speech.

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