Weight Lifting Routines that Work

Lifting weights is one of the programs that is done when one desires to develop muscle mass and to boost overall fitness. Some of these routines is actually suitable for body building or sports training. It is much better if you know that there are a variety of weight lifting routines that can be found out there.

A well-known weight lifting routine is called as the One-Three-Five System. Most athletes use this sort of program to improve their endurance. This will be a bonus to the athlete by improving his strength and ability when he is doing his sport. The One-Three-Five System is done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and these days are allocated for weight lifting while the rest of the days are for sports training. These three days that the athlete is doing weight lifting, he will do a lot of bench press, sit-ups, dumbbell press and squats. These exercises are good for muscle building and endurance training. This will target a specific muscle and through repetition, endurance is achieved. Doing this traning will improve their skills on the field or whatever sports that they’re engaged in.

The Alternate Body Training System is another type of weight lifting routine. This training program is good for body builders. This routine focuses on complementary muscle groups. These muscle groups work when one contracts, other groups of muscles stay at rest or are not activated.An example of complementary muscles are as follows, adomen and spinal erectors, hamstrings and quadriceps plus the biceps and triceps. So example, on the very first day one can think about one group of muscles like the abdomen, biceps and hamstrings. And on the 2nd day, you possibly can work on the other group such as spinal erectors, triceps and quadriceps. This could be repeated several times. The web offers an amazing array of weight lifting exercises. Read on these exercises before you do your exercises. You can mix weight lifting routines when your levels progress.

The right weight lifting routines are essential for anyone looking to make progress with their training.

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