Water Aerobics Routines

he water aerobics routine from time to time is at a new health club and the nice thing about it is people do not have to be a member of water aerobic club to take the class. A water aerobic class usually has a huge range of people that attend this workout session. The class has almost as many men as women and most of the people are 40 or over. In water aerobic routine people usually warm-up by walking against the current in the lazy river and then changing directions abruptly,Diagnosis causing to feel like they are walking against a brick wall. If people have ever tried walking against the current when it has momentum, they will find that they do not get very far very quickly. Usually the whole water aerobic routine ends up laughing hysterically, but it is a great warm-up. Next the instructor of the water aerobic introduces that aerobic portion of the workout. This is where people increase their heart rate to target workout rate. This process usually includes water walking and other exercises that can elevate the heart rate, such as jumping jacks and kicking exercises. Then comes the resistance exercises in water aerobic routine and this is where people work specific muscle groups to build muscle strength. The instructor of water aerobic likes to use swimmers noodles tied in a knot to create resistance as they are dragged through the water. People also use water belts that cause resistance and added weight for strength training. Water aerobics routines are actually the best low impact resistance workouts. Every people can benefit from these water aerobic exercises. Even if people can not swim, they can enjoy exercising in water. People can walk on the spot in waist high water but they must be sure to touch the floor with their whole foot, from heel to toe. Then they should lift their knees up high, rather than forwards and should lift their arms up to the sides to keep balanced. Jogging and sprinting on the spot in chest high water is another step of water aerobic routine. People need to push off with their toes, landing on the balls of their feet. People can use the same arm action as they would do in normal jogging, keeping fingers straight to cut the water. The water aerobic routine ends with a cool down period that involves stretching the muscles and it feels great.Diagnosis The water aerobic routine usually includes music that makes people feel motivated to move. If people have a good instructor, this can be one of the most enjoyable hours of the week. The water aerobic class offers a complete workout for anyone. There are many health clubs that offer complete workouts, making it easy for the busy person on the go to get everything they need out of one class.

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