Importance Of Raw Food

When we start eating raw food to the exclusion of everything else, the body has a chance to clean house, and the resulting shift can be life changing. Those who adopt a low-fat raw food diet based around whole fruits and vegetables usually find their long-term diseases and other health problems disappearing.

Say goodbye to candida, heart disease, impotence, excess fat, diabetes, and the other diseases of affluence most westerners suffer from – those who stick to raw food simply don’t have these problems.

Nature has equipped fruits and vegetables – our natural food – with every required nutrient for health, and those that embrace them thrive. Energy levels skyrocket, the common cold can’t get ahold of you, that flab lining your body melts away, and your athletic performance grows by leaps and bounds. Life seems to have more of a kick to it, and you just feel fantastic.

Raw food is simple, but oh so satisfying. Most people have never feasted on 20 peaches for lunch, but after trying it, almost everyone admits that they feel great. Fruit’s simple sugars satisfies our hunger better than any cooked food meal ever could, and when you’ve eaten enough of it, you’ll never be left craving dessert.

Fruit should be the mainstay of a diet for quite a few reasons.

Fruit is easier to digest than any other food, and quickly moves through your system. While meat can sit in your stomach for the better part of a day, taking up your precious energy with its digestion, the simple sugars in fruit are easily digested and made ready for use by your body.
Fruit has the most vitamins per calorie of any type of food. They are second only to vegetables -another critical component of the diet- in minerals per calorie.
With 200 varieties of fruit sold in most grocery stores over the course of a year, and many more types available to those who go looking, you’ll never lack for variety.
Fruit, unlike most components of the standard American diet, is high in fiber and leads to good intestinal health.
Fruit contains no cholesterol, is never injected with growth hormones like meat, and is contains far less pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals than animal foods.
The simple sugars found in fruit fuel every cell in the body, from the brain your the muscles in your leg.

Raw Foods Importance in Modern Life

Look around – almost everyone will die of heart disease or cancer, two conditions that have been proven preventable with a proper diet. We breath air filled with exhaust, chemicals contaminate in our water supply, and most people are working too much and resting too little.

With all this against you, why not stack a few cards in your favor. Go with a healthy raw food diet, and watch your life improve.

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