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You are probably wondering what the best way to lose some weight is, and probably you have tried some or many of them. So here is one I have found which got interested me so much.  I would like to share with you some interesting facts I have stepped upon in it I and would like you to spread the word about it, too.  I think this programme really deserves it.

But, let me start from the beginning when I borrowed a diet program from my friend to see what it is all about. Is it like many others lose weight programs because we are rather overwhelmed with them, or is there something new in it?  And then, only thing I was able to say was- wow!

I began to read with the sense of scepticism because a person in these days do not know who to trust anymore because there are so many different information regarding everything and especially food. And by so many so-called gurus and specialists many diets of different types which promise miracles in a very short time, you simply do not know who to turn to and ask for piece of real advice. Without ulterior motives.

So can you imagine me, experienced dieter, in my sofa, reading manual of this diet program to lose weight like it was some interesting crime story? And in fact, it really was. There were bad guys who were claiming some things regarding food and the good one who was fighting against them. But sadly, it was a reality, the real world. I was wondering why they are hiding the truth from us. Because it suits them, because food and food products means a lot of money so it is good for them to make us fat and to use many medicines for weight loss after gaining some or many pounds. But, the question is -why I really appreciate the good one from the story, who is actually a woman?  Because she was brave enough to tell and reveal us some hidden truth and facts about the food. The facts so simple, the facts about what the real and good foods for our body are. Only the raw truth made simple with easy step by step to follow.

But, let me ask you some questions.

For example, do you know that milk we buy isn’t very good for our health although many say it is?

Do you know that soya in some form isn’t good for our health as well?

Do you know that the number of overweight people has increased after we started avoiding fats?

Do you know that some fats are actually quite good for us?

Do you know that we can eat whole eggs and meat?

Do you know what with we can substitute the sugar-our enemy number one?

Do you know that we need to add some salt in our meals to be healthy?

Do you know that important is calorie source and not just calories per se?

Do you know how valuable organic food is?

Do you know that genetically speaking, humans still have the bodies of cavemen?

Do you know that most types of bread are not good for us?

Strange, isn’t it? Do I see a question mark in your eyes? Well, famous American nutritionist explains it all and even more. She explains the reasons why we are overweight and what the solution is! Well, it is rather simple one – we should eat healthy to lose weight.

And how? Very simply, by following only three principles in this diet food plan, by knowing which food is good, which is the best for us and which food we should avoid?

Furthermore, very important is to believe in yourself, to encourage yourself because you are your mind. Setting goals and your persistence above all will help you in your way to success. And it is only up to you to decide about your health and your entire life, which paths will you chose. It is best to start now.

Please, for your sake, your family and particularly children get to know some unknown facts about food and let yourself regain your ideal health and above all, live long, healthy and prosperous life with the helping hand of weight loss diet food. You will be amazed.

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