5 Great Home Cardio Workouts

Getting into shape can sometimes be an expensive ordeal. Especially if you get yourself a gym membership. They can range anywhere from $ 24-$ 60 a month, sometimes even more! When you think about wanting to get in shape, it’s a lifestyle change. So a gym membership can really start adding up. With the money you spend in one year for membership you could buy yourself a nice piece of cardio equipment for your home. So I’m going to list 5 great home cardio workouts that you can do on the cheap and won’t cost you a small fortune to get into shape.

1. Jumping Rope – this is a favorite of boxers and for good reason. It’s a great way to burn fat and get your heart rate pumping. It’s also a great way to develop coordination. Doing this for 20 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, is a great way to shed some fat and get your heart into great shape.

2. Burpess – maybe you’ve heard of burpees and maybe you haven’t. But you should definitely give them a shot. You can check out videos on YouTube on how to do them properly but here’s a quick rundown to give you a general idea: you start laying on your stomach, then you push yourself up and jump into a lowered squat position, then you jump up and put your hands straight into the air, then you reverse the process to start back on your stomach. They seem easy enough, but in you do them for an extended period they’re a real tough workout.

3. Running Stairs – you kinda need stairs for this, but maybe you’re close to a place outside that has stairs like a park with bleachers. This is what a lot of college football players do to get into excellent cardiovascular shape. It’s really simple, just run up and down the stairs or as long as you can. Try to set out a number of how many times you want to do it, then always try and beat your number.

4. Hill Sprints – same kind of idea as the stairs, but you need a pretty good size hill instead.

5. Body Weight Training – all you need is yourself for this one. Push ups, squats, chin ups, jumping jacks and squat runs are some of the exercises that work great for this. Most people jump right into using weights to workout when they’re body weight is good enough. Compound movements are the basic movements like squats and push ups that you can do.

Well hopefully you get some ideas from this and develop your own home cardio routine. For more great ideas and information on getting into shape visit www.Home-Cardio.com.

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