Lean Muscle Building Workout Plans – A Simple Lean Muscle Building Workout Program

Lean Muscle Building Workout Plans

I remember the first time I opened one of those bodybuilding magazines that are all over the convenience store magazine racks. I was looking for a lean muscle building workout program for myself. It was pretty exciting to think that with a little effort I could look like the guys in the magazine. I’m sure that many people have first considered becoming bodybuilders after having seen pictures in one of these magazines, but the reality is a lot more difficult to realize than the dream.

Everyone starts off on a lean muscle building workout program filled with enthusiasm. All it’s going to take are a couple of weeks of bench presses, a couple hundred pushups, some chin-ups and bicep curls and you’ll be competing in the next Mr. Universe competition. Right! Somehow it never quite works out exactly like that. The thing that the magazines don’t show is the level of commitment and the real work that is required to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

It takes a plan and a program; a proven workable and reliable program. One lean muscle building workout program that I’ve found to work quite well is a simple but vigorous one, but is has been responsible for my adding significant muscle mass and seriously reducing body fat. My workout is described in outline below. Lean Muscle Building Workout Plans

I work out over a period of five days each week, emphasizing one focused workout each day as follows:

The First Day: I do push-ups and pull-ups.

The Second Day: I do plyometrics or core workouts.

The Third Day: I work the shoulders and arms.

The Fourth Day: Focused upon Kempo.

The Fifth Day: I work the legs and the back.

A spend one hour each day and take a short rest break between sets. I once thought about going to the gym, which is important to some people, but I decided that there was less distraction at home. I have some equipment including a set of 35-pound dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and a yoga mat. I guess you could say I’m a minimalist when it comes to equipment, but it does the job for me. Most of the exercises use my body weight as the resistance.

As you can see, my workout plan is simple and straightforward. It’s a lean muscle building workout program with a no-frills approach, but it works for me and it can work for you. You don’t need equipment and a gym as much as you need a plan and a deep commitment to succeed. With that, you have every chance of success. Lean Muscle Building Workout Plans

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