The Importance of Health Ethics

The article focuses on the range of managerial implications and applications of health information systems. Improved performance of the health system and better outcomes are achieved through this important key determinant. The increasing demand to prove results and accountability in the health sector within a context of more and more resources being put into health systems has transformed health systems governance into a critical concern. Another key concept when speaking about managerial impact of health informatics is interoperability. This term defines the ability to communicate and exchange data in an accurate, effective, secure and consistent way by means of different information technology systems, software applications and networks in various settings. A “medical power of attorney” or “health care proxy” document is somewhat different. It allows you to name someone you trust to make health care decisions for you, if you are ever too ill or injured to make those decisions for yourself. Sometimes their desires might supersede your own. Further, you may find that the person you trust most, or the one you feel is most capable, is not a family member. Sometimes these documents may even be biased in ways that inhibit or outright limit an individual’s ability to fully express their personal wishes. Does your family and health care provider know what your wishes are for your health future if you should become unable to share them with others? Have you written it down and given it to your doctor? I would highly recommend that everyone, regardless of age, prepare these documents and keep them at hand. Both of these documents can be prepared easily in the comfort of your own home and do not need to be notarized. They only need to be witnessed and signed by two parties who are not related to you. Another document I highly recommend is an ethical will. This is a letter to those you love, expressing all that you wish them to know in your absence. Property EPA covers your property and gives the attorney all the rights to manage your financial affairs, land, houses, businesses, bank accounts, shares and any other possessions. What challenges me nowadays is that I that I want to continue these efforts as an entrepreneur. How to balance the pursuit of profit as a woman business owner, with ‘making a difference’. Some might say that knowing how the world really is, is depressing and de-motivating. Not for me! I know what change is possible when people work together; the trick is finding the right people to do the job and who want the same results. Company values are more important that we think as they create the cultural context in which we work, define how we interact with other employees and the attitudes we adopt towards customers. Alternatively, an organisation that has few formal policies pertaining to staff behaviour in the workplace leaves the individual employee to define their own sense of what is and isn’t appropriate. Company values are not only important to employees but also to customers. Some customers choose to use the services of one company over another because of the values base that they have chosen to pursue.

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