The Best Powder Skiing in Japan Isn’t at Niseko

Photo Gallery: The Best Powder Skiing in Japan Isn’t at Niseko

Mount Yotei, with Niseko Village ski resort’s lifts visible below
Australian skier Matt Wiseman jumping off avalanche barriers near Niseko
Norwegian skier Thorkild Ramberg at Rusutsu, a resort southeast of Niseko
Fresh catch at a market in Kutchan, north of Niseko
American Zach Paley
Yotei, an active stratovolcano
The island’s snowcats can be small, old, and a little unwieldy. Ken Komamiya, pictured, works for Big Wave Snow Cat Tours, a backcountry-skiing operation. “He’s really a crazy guy,” says Drzastwa. “After a terrifying day on the snowcat with Ken, you may want to call your mom just to tell her you love her.”
“This is near a small abandoned fishing village,” says Drzastwa. “There are no paths to get there. But I don’t want to say too much. Some things are better kept secret.”

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