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Outside has a five-person gear team and a number of contributors dedicated to writing product reviews. But with hundreds of new things launching every year and thousands of excellent previously released ones, we can’t write thorough reviews on everything. Enter Gear Picks, a new curated selection of featured gear that we’ve tested and heartily recommend, all presented in an easy-to-scroll format. We stand by these products—and the retailers that sell them—and many of our editors use this stuff weekly. Of course, our in-depth reviews aren’t going away. You can still read them in our Gear GuyIndefinitely Wild, and Perfect Thing columns. 

One other thing I should note: A bunch of the products in Gear Picks are on sale. We only feature deals on gear we’ve tested ourselves and, whenever possible, provide a link to a legit review so you can make sure it’s something that suits your lifestyle—ideally at steeply discounted price. Happy shopping. 

—Ben Fox, affiliate reviews manager

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