The 8 Dumbest Things to Happen in the Outdoors in 2018

Every year there are plenty of inspiring and monumental things that happen in the Outside world. This is not a list about any of those moments. Rather, it’s a celebration of achievements you might, under a certain light, call stupid. In no particular order, our favorites of 2018 are:


Oregon man taunts bison in Yellowstone National Park. Gets away scot-free until he’s arrested the following day in Glacier National Park for making a scene in lodge dining room.

(Courtesy NBC/Ashley Lemanski)

Man tries to urinate into Old Faithful.

(Courtesy The Santa Fe New Mexican/Santa Fe Police)

Hunter of Forrest Fenn’s treasure—and owner of Year’s Happiest Mugshot—arrested for attempting to steal Fenn’s linens.

(Courtesy Anchorage Daily News/Brook Falls Live Stream)

Man in cargo shorts wades into Brooks Falls, favorite snack spot of fat bear Otis, to take selfie.

(Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom/Getty Images)

Mikaela Shiffrin’s French boyfriend kicked off Olympic team for failing to show appropriate amount of team spirit.

(U.S. Forest Service)

Off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent starts 47,000-acre forest fire with a high-powered rifle during gender reveal party.

(Cristi Sebastian Photography/Creative Commons)

Estonian man tries to return to his hotel after a night of drinking, climbs mountain by accident instead.

(Courtesy The Weekly Times/marcvisa14/Storyful)

French policeman mistakes cyclist Chris Froome for a Tour de France intruder, tackles him off his bike after Stage 17.

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