The Importance of Baby Bottle Hygiene for Your Baby’s Health

It is extremely important to always sterilize your baby’s bottle and the teat every time you use the bottle. Baby’s need their bottles to be absolutely sterile, as they are not as robust as older children. No parent wants to see their child suffer with colic or any other stomach upset, especially diarrhea, and one way of avoiding these complaints is to sterilize baby bottles and the pacifier you might use. Don’t lick either the teat of the bottle or the pacifier and then put it in your baby’s mouth. You might think it doesn’t matter, but your germs are as dangerous to your baby as a stranger’s.

Whatever you do, if the baby has thrown the bottle or pacifier on the ground, don’t then wipe them and give them back to your baby until they have been properly sterilized. Your baby’s health is more important than the embarrassment you might feel because it is crying. It is better to be safe than sorry in this instance. You can easily sterilize you baby’s item with boiling water, or you can buy a sterilization unit for bottles etc.

If your baby cries a lot and seems to have stomach pains, this may well be because of lack of sterilization. You may think that babies are resilient, but babies, especially newborns, need extra care and attention if they are to be happy and healthy. The importance of a hygienic environment for a baby cannot be stressed enough. It’s quite simple to boil water and leave the baby’s bottle submersed in it for a few minutes, and it will save the baby a lot of discomfort if you just spend a few minutes doing this to ensure your baby stays healthy.

Some people may tell you that you are wasting your time doing these things, but they are wrong. Ignore them or explain why you are doing it. You might be helping their baby too. Babies need to build up immunity to germs that do not necessarily affect older children and adults. They are new to this world which is full of germs and viruses and need to be protected from them as much as possible in the early stages of their development.

Your baby relies on you for its well-being, so don’t let your baby down.

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