Life Coaching Model – Why It’s Important

Many coaching schools teach two or three coaching model alternatives to exercise in their coaching practice. While learning different coaching models is important, being able to design your own model that utilizes all the current skills and background of the coach is an important part of the learning process. In addition, your own coaching model makes you unique within your niche, you will need to make it part of your branding and business marketing strategy as well. Most coaches are familiar with the GROW coaching model, action planning model, goal setting coaching model, NLP meta model and many more.

What is a coaching model?

In a nut shell it is a visual representation and guideline to follow through the coaching process. Here is a four step change coaching model that you can use as an example.

Step 1 Discovery Phase
During this phase the client shares what they are looking to accomplish by the end of the coaching sessions. Several personality assessments and questionnaires are performed to determine a baseline of the client’s current strategy. “Where they are now.”

Step 2 Design Phase
Here we work with the client to backward engineer where the want to be. Specific step by step systems are set in place. measurable and accountable activities are communicated and put in writing. Think of it as drawing a detail route to a destination.

Step 3 Accountability Phase
During this phase the client has the opportunity to be accountable to himself and to the coach. It is during this phase that fears, limited beliefs, negative UAC “Underlying automatic commitments” manifest themselves in order to be addressed and move the client forward.

Step 4 Redesign Phase
When clients are failing to achieve certain outcomes due to fears that are holding them back or perhaps they realize that the original goals they have set out to achieve is more difficult then they had anticipated. This is the phase to re-evaluate, and fine tune the action plan to achieve their desired result. It’s during this phase that the coach needs to be the most present and provide the most support for their client. It’s the breaking point where most clients fail or quit.

There is no one magic model that will support your clients in their journey. Every person is different and will require different types of skills. A carpenter can not build a table using only a hammer.

When consider life coaching courses research what type of coaching models they teach and if they require students to design their own. It will give you a head start when it’s time to build your business.

Orlando Piedrahita writes about life coaching courses and what to look for when researching your best option in life coach courses.

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