Healthy Food Makes Weight Loss Easy

Not many of us understand our digestive system. It is vital that it is kept healthy for the rest of our body to also be healthy. The digestive system removes waste from the body. If it is not doing this efficiently then you retain waste as excess weight and this can lead to numerous health problems.

The good news is that it is relatively easy to make sure your digestive system is healthy. It is a matter of understanding your body’s daily cycle and the combinations of food that the it can process efficiently. The daily cycle of the body is noon – 8pm eating and digestion, 8pm to 4 am absorption and use, and 4 am to noon elimination of body wastes and food debris. Breakfast is eaten during the elimination cycle and it is best to eat high water content food at this time because it is the food which best assists the digestive system through the elimination cycle. The best high water content food for breakfast is fruit.

High water content foods are fruit and vegetables. These are also natural and unprocessed foods. The digestive system is designed for natural unprocessed foods. The other groups of foods are proteins such as meats and dairy foods as well as the starches which include potatoes, pastas and breads.

The digestive system cannot efficiently digest meals which include foods from all three groups. It will not completely digest such meals before you are eating the next one. If it has not completed the digestion process for one meal before the next meal is eaten your body will carry what has not been eliminated as extra weight. To keep weight in check and give the digestive system the chance to function efficiently it is best to use a recipe which combines vegetables with either starch foods OR protein foods, but not both. It is also best to eat as many unprocessed foods as possible such as fresh vegetables, fruits and meats and keep to a minimum foods that come out of factories and are provided in tins, jars, bottles, packets and the like.

In summary, proper food combining is vital to complementing the daily body cycle and allowing the digestive system to function efficiently, keep your weight in check and your body healthy. To reinforce healthy eating habits you should also exercise regularly by walking or indulging in your favorite sport.

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