Workout Plan For Beginners – Use These Exercises to Gain Massive Muscle

Many men looking for work out plans for beginners need to focus on certain exercises designed to build massive muscle. In this article I will show you three exercises that can boost your gains. This workout plan for beginners are just some of the exercises you can use to gain extreme muscle mass.

Chin Ups – when it comes to building muscle in the upper body, chin ups are really superior and not many exercises can do what you can do. This exercise stimulates nearly every muscle of the upper body from the traps down to the abdominals and the beauty of this exercise is that a move your body as opposed to moving a fixed weight. This therefore gives you greater potential to elicit gains in your strength and size. If you want to be a massive muscle be sure to include this in your weight training program.

Bent Over Rows – the upper back and lats, bent over rows are pretty hard to top. This workout plan for beginners exercise can be done in many ways. It can be done with the palms up, palms down, wide grip, close grip, with an easy bar, with a straight bar. However when you perform this exercise it would develop thickness in the back and it’s something that bodybuilders again a lot of muscle use. There is nothing more impressive than a back that as well developed.

Push Ups – yes, you read this correctly. Push-ups is a top exercise especially to build the chest and shoulders. The Pecs, Delts, and triceps, also get ripped with this simple exercise. When men get stronger, they usually forget about push-ups because it could become easier. That is a huge mistake. Push-ups can be used by advanced as well as intermediate letters to increase the size of their muscles. Push-up should not be forgotten and should be added to any workout plan for beginners. Never stop doing them, but rather see if you can increase the amount that you do.

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