Style Tips For Big Or Tall Men

If you’re a big or tall man then dressing stylishly is often difficult and there isn’t a great deal of advice around. This article should help you get smart and stylish looks that suit both your size and height.


Get the perfect fit

Finding the perfect fit is absolutely essentially for big or tall men. As a bigger man if you opt for clothes that are too big you’ll make yourself appear larger whilst too small will be obvious. Aim to buy longer length tops as these will easily cover a bigger belly and still tuck in.

The same goes for taller men. Both the size and height of a garment will affect it’s length so make sure you’re getting your ideal fit in both. If in doubt refer to a measuring guide and take your measurements manually.


Perfect Tops For Big And Tall Men

There are a variety of different styles of tops that look good on bigger men and taller men – it’s all about finding your perfect style.

If you’re a bigger bloke in either girth or height then it’s important to find longer length tops. These will accommodate both extra height and bigger stomachs. If you’re a tall bloke then avoid patterns with a vertical focus. Anything with a vertical stripe will just make you appear taller. Bigger guys should avoid horizontal stripes in the same way.

Layering works well for every body type. A v-neck jumper over a t-shirt will draw the eye down and make you appear slimmer. If you’re very tall then layering contrasting fabrics will make you seem less so.


Big and Tall Blokes Trousers

Men of any size should wear their trousers at their natural waist. A major style mistake that bigger blokes often make is to wear their trousers underneath their belly. This just highlights the area. Wear your trousers at your natural waistline with a belt if necessary. Around your belly button is a good rule of thumb.

Make sure that whatever your size you get your trousers in the right length. Trousers that are too long look untidy and can make you appear shorter whilst trousers that are too short give the “half mast” look that’s never attractive.

Aim to wear trousers that end about an inch off the floor with shoes on, this will give you a clean, smart look that leaves your hem un-frayed.


Suits For Big and Tall Men

Whilst suits can be seen as a safe haven when it comes to men’s formalwear often the opposite is true for taller men or those carrying a little extra weight. When choosing a suit go for one that accentuates your favourite bits and hides anything you’re less confident about. For example, go for a single-breasted suit with a little breathing room around your stomach. This will disguise your belly and leave you looking smart. Once again, layering is a good choice, try a suit with waistcoat and tie to slim down bigger men and minimise the appearance of height on taller blokes.

A subtle pinstripe is perfect for slimming bigger blokes down but should be avoided if you don’t want to look taller.

The jury is still out on double-breasted suits. To err on the side of caution avoid them unless you’re slim. They can often make you appear wider than you are, although some styles can look great on bigger blokes.

This useful article was written and distributed by Jacamo, a leading retailer of fashionable men’s clothing in big sizes.

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