Intense Workout Program Weight Loss – Nutritional Supplements to Take While on Intense Workout Routines

Intense Workout Program Weight Loss

When you are participating in an extreme fitness program such as P90X or a high-intensity cardio program such as Insanity, you may want to consider using supplements to get the nutrients necessary to keep your body strong and keep you energized during your workouts. Many of the fitness programs from Beachbody recommend that you use their supplements, which are great, but they can be quite expensive.

The P90X program really pushes the P90X Results and Recovery Drink, and these are actually fairly affordable. The mix also has a good taste, especially after letting it chill in the refrigerator mixed for a couple of hours.

Instead of purchasing the P90X Results and Recovery Drink you may consider using a creatine. Top-of-the-line creatine does not come cheap, but shopping around can usually find some good deals. Two of the most popular and highly recommended creatine products around are CellMass from BSN and the Cell-Tech Hardcore series. BSN sells some of the highest quality and professionally-recommended products and CellMass definitely fits the description. Cell-Tech Hardcore is quite similar but has a higher content of sugar. Many professionals recommend reducing the suggested intake of Hardcore to half.

Beachbody has more recently created the Shakeology health shake, which they recommend as a meal-replacement drink. There are no other products on the market with as many nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but the Shakeology drink is extremely expensive and for the price, there are plenty of alternatives. Intense Workout Program Weight Loss

An excellent alternative to Shakeology is Syntha-6 from BSN. If you purchase from Amazon, you can usually find a great deal on a 5 lb. container and the vanilla ice cream flavor is delicious. Syntha-6 is also a casein protein which means it has slow release througout the day and also helps your body overnight if your drink it before bed and prevents hunger from disrupting a necessary nights sleep.

A big part of any fitness regimen is the nutrition plan. An excellent supplement to any meal plan is a protein bar and again, BeachBody has their own P90x Peak Performance protein bars. They are very similar to most other protein bars on the market. If you do not want to purchase online, you can visit your local grocery stores for many alternatives, such as PowerBars, MET-Rx protein plus bars or Power Crunch bars.

The peanut butter or the vanilla yogurt are some of the best tasting protein bars from PowerBar. PowerBar makes many flavors and are above average in taste and nutritional info. If you are looking for high-protein, check out the protein bars from MET-Rx. Keep in mind that while they contain lots of protein, the flavors are known to be quite dull. If you don’t mind a slightly below average amount of protein and calories, but one of the best tastes you can find, consider purchasing the peanut butter protein bars from Power Crunch.

For additional supplements that you should consider adding to your routine are fish oil pills and daily vitamins. Fish oil pills are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids which have been attributed to maintaining a healthy heart and vascular health. A daily multivitamin such as Centrum will help you gain nutritional support that you might not be getting from your diet and can increase your energy when you are taking part in a rigorous program such as P90X. Intense Workout Program Weight Loss

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