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You have spent the last 4 hours sat at your desk staring at a spreadsheet and rushing to meet a tight deadline. You have forgotten to take your morning break or even wander over to the water cooler to grab a drink. You do have a half drunk cup of coffee on your desk but you cannot remember making it so can only assume it is from last night when you were working late. Although you fancy a drink, you are not yet that desperate. Ok, so this may be a little extreme but does any of it sound familiar?

If you work in an office chances are that at some point you have found yourself feeling drained and tired, even though all you have done all day is sit at your desk. Here you will find some great tips to help you stay alert and working to maximum capacity.

Drink Water: You may think this is a bit obvious but drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated helps keep your brain active and replenishes your skin. It is a common misconception to think you are hungry when in fact you are thirsty. Try to drink 4-6 glasses of water every day and have a glass or bottle on your desk that you can sip from on a regular basis.

Healthy Snacks: We all know how tempting the vending machine in the canteen can be and by mid afternoon you can hear it calling out to you to go and get a Mars bar. On the odd occasion there is nothing wrong with this, however try to make the chocolate bar a treat rather than the norm. The natural sugars that you find in fruit and good carbohydrates will keep you fuller for longer and your brain alert. When the temptation to snack arises try some bags of dried fruit or rice cakes instead.

Take a Stoll: Your arms and legs help pump blood around the body which in turn helps you stay alert and feel more awake. If you take a walk around the office every hour or so or even do some gentle stretching exercises this will help get the blood flowing.

Fresh Air: Offices can be hot and stuffy places as they are filled with lights, computers, servers, people and printers all throwing out heat. This environment does not lead to a happy or productive worker and you can become tired and lethargic. If possible keep a window open to help the air circulate in the office and try and have plenty of green leafy plants around to reduce the carbon dioxide. Finally, make sure you leave your desk at lunch, go outside and suck in a few big lung fulls of lovely fresh air!

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Now this might be point one on the first page of the book Old Wives Tales but there is plenty or scientific study that shows that a little giggle every now and again is good at reducing stress, which in turn makes for a more productive person. An office policy that allows the odd funny email to be sent around might be a good thing if it puts a smile on peoples faces when they are having a tough day.

Are you Sitting Comfortably- No? Why not? You spend more time sat on your office chair than you do on any other piece of furniture so it is very important to ensure that it is comfy and provides the necessary support needed based on you height, weight and job type.

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