Weight Training Routines – 3 Keys to an Effective Weight Training Routine

Sticking to your weight training routine and getting in shape today can be quite daunting, particularly when everywhere you turn you will find twice as many unhealthy foods and drinks as healthy ones.

Life is fast and people have to work hard to keep up, leaving little time to focus on eating healthy food and getting effective exercise, particularly when it seems that unhealthy fast food is the only option for someone on a tight schedule. Nevertheless, getting healthy is entirely possible if you set up a solid weight training routine and stick with it.

First – Dedicate The Time

The first step is to determine exactly how much time you need to focus on your daily weight training routine, and stick with it. No matter how busy you are, there is at least one hour every day that you can devote to your bodybuilding routine and get in shape. One hour is generally the time that most weight trainers suggest you invest. Of course, starting out, you will definitely want to pace yourself, which brings us to your next step.

Second – Where To Start

Secondly, you must discover at what point in your weight training routine that you should start. To put it simply, you should start lifting lighter weights and work up as you go. Your first few weeks will seem almost too easy, as you set up a routine of lifting and bench pressing very small weights. However, even if you do not see immediate results, do not give up. After a week, add a few pounds to your weight lifting regime. Continue to do so on a steady basis, not pushing your self too hard.

Third – Persevere

Lastly, you should be prepared for the moments when it is not easy. Remember, most good things come with a price. In the instance of a weight lifting regime, the price is sore muscles.

You see, the way building muscles via weights work is that lifting weights actually damages the muscles slightly, thus the small amount of soreness you feel over the next few hours. When the muscles heal, they heal stronger and actually adapt to the extra strength needed to avoid future soreness.

In the end, you will find that your body will be much healthier and visually appealing at the price of one hour per day, your ability to take things one step at a time, and a day or two of soreness. Isn’t it worth that small price?

Can’t Devote An Hour Every Day?

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