Health and Fitness – Importance of Proper Knowledge

It is said that health is wealth. And today it has become a necessity. To cope up with the stress of daily lives, people are joining health clubs and gyms. But every coin has it’s flip side too. The enthusiasm of ordinary people towards health has resulted into tremendous business opportunities. And all these have resulted into opening up of health centers like mushrooms, which neither have adequate infrastructure, neither have adequate trained stuff.

Advise given by half learned training staffs are doing more damage than good. Use of steroids, medicines in order to loose weight and gain fitness are resulting in life threatening situations and even death. Starvation and bulimia are common practices nowadays to loose weight. It has to be kept in mind that every body type is different and so are their needs. A particular fad or trend that works for one may not possibly work for other. Use of weights or machines are also dependent on body types. A particular machine or type of exercise, which may work for one, may not work for other.

So before undertaking any workout programs, one must consult his or her family physician first. And a proper consultation can only lead to a better and productive workout regime to achieve the desired target. One may not need to visit the gymnasium regularly to get optimum results. Even simple sit ups, push ups and jogging done under expert advise can give optimum results.

While a push up can increase arm strength and stamina, jogging can increase a heart functioning considerably to make it fit and strong enough to prevent cardiovascular problems A simple diet, free of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids can go a long way in building optimum health. Not necessary one has to crunch up protein bars to achieve the desired result. Even excess consumption of multivitamin pills can lead to hypervitaminosis. Thus in order to manage health the primary most important thing is proper knowledge. As improper knowledge and training can lead to disaster, a proper regime can show exactly positive results.

Suddhadeb Chakraborti.

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