Vitamins Needed In Your Daily Diet

In todays modern diet and the way our food is grow and processed, many doctors and health professionals suggest that it is not possible anymore to get proper nutrients for our optimal health, immune system and cellular communication needed to reduce the risk of preventing many illnesses and diseases. A daily whole-food supplement is recommended to get the proper nutrients in your diet each day.

Over 50 years ago a women could eat 2 peaches a day to get the proper amount of Vitamin A in their daily diet, now women will have to eat 53 peaches to get to same amount of daily Vitamin A. This does not mean if you are a women that you should start eating 53 peaches a day. This is not realistic and it is not recommended women eat that much, so a daily supplement to get the proper Vitamins and minerals are essential in todays diet.

Key nutrients needed for optimal health:

1) Folic acid: Folic acid can sep reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and can guard against birth defects and colon cancer. Women who may get pregnant in the next 2 months should take daily folic acid of at least 400 mcg. Food sources: Green leafy vegetables, nuts, peas, beans, and whole breads.

2) Vitamin B-6: helps to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Over 50,000 people die each year in America due to lack of daily Vitamin B-6 and Folic Acid. Food Sources: Poultry, meats, fish, whole-grain foods, liver and fruits and vegetables.

3) Vitamin D: Essential for healthy bones and helps the body absorb calcium. Food Sources: Diary products that are fortified, liver, eggs, cod liver oil, and fortified cereals and breads.

4) Vitamin E: is a very effective antioxidant along with Vitamin C and Beta-carotene. Anti-oxidants help to eliminate free radicals in your cells to improve your immune system and reduce the risk of illness and disease like lung, stomach cancer and some eye diseases like cataracts. Food sources: Vegetable oils and nuts.

5) Beta-carotene: Hundreds of studies show that this anti-oxidant can help prevent cancers. Food sources: Carrots, broccoli, cantaloupe.

6) Selenium: another great anti-oxidant to help fight cancer. Food sources: Fish, meat, whole-grains, and dairy products.

7) Vitamin C: a daily recommended amount of Vitamin C is 250mg, twice the amount of the RDA. Food sources: Oranges, lemons, grapes, broccoli, green peppers, tomatoes.

8) Calcium: Essential to prevent osteoporosis not only in women and is essential for strong bones, and to repair and heal bone tissue as well as maintain it. The daily intake is recommended at 1200 -1500mg, which is equivalent to 5 glasses of milk or several serving of other various dairy products. Food sources: milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli

Everyone should take daily multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements with at least 100 to 200 percent of the above recommended vitamins. Your health is your greatest asset so take good care of your health to feel and look your best and help prevent many diseases and illnesses like cancer or osteoporosis.

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