Planning Your Bodyweight Routines

Bodyweight routines are basically aimed at people who would rather use their own body weight in their workouts as a pose to relying on a gym membership or weight training equipment. Apart from the obvious, the main difference between bodyweight routines and conventional gym training is that when training in a gym it is usually the case that you are exercising one area of your body at a time, bodyweight routines usually ensure that you are exercising multiple parts of your body at the same time.

Whilst it could be said that the bodyweight routine exercises really do look very straightforward their effectiveness really should not be underestimated in any way because you will often find that it really is the simple exercises that are the most effective and you will no doubt be familiar with the bodyweight routines such as sit ups and press ups. You could make these simple exercises more difficult by adding weights but for most people this is not really necessary.

If you are looking at fat burning with your bodyweight routines you should consider switching between cardio warm ups and bodyweight exercises. This will have the effect of increasing your heart rate which is obviously very good for your overall health and is more commonly known as Metabolic Resistance Training.

Another great tip is to break your bodyweight routine up into two or three sessions which will go  long way to give you the very best fat burning results. Another great thing about bodyweight routines is that you can literally perform them anywhere and it doesn’t take long to get into the routine of performing them everyday, for instance, you might try a 10 minute exercise during your break time at work, If you do this every day you will be absolutely astonished by the positive results that you will no doubt see.

One piece of advice that many seasoned bodyweight routine experts will happily recommend to you is that you should definitely think of using timed circuits in your routine.

It is highly advisable that you record the times that you take in completing a set routine of exercises and then compare your times as you get more used to the exercises over the weeks and months ahead. You will find that as you become fitter and stronger your times will get to a point that you would never have believed was possible.

The thing to remember about bodyweight routines is that you should make them as much fun as you possibly can and by doing this you will find that you will start to see encouraging results far more quickly and before you know it you will be an expert at this form of Metabolic Resistance Training.

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