Easy at Home Workouts – 5 Quick Solutions

If you’re looking for some easy at home workouts, here are a few suggestions that don’t require any fancy exercise equipment:

1. Back to the basics (yes, the exercises you did as a kid in gym class) – push ups, sit ups, leg lifts, squats, etc… These exercises will never go out of style, and they are great for toning and strengthening muscles. As a suggestion, google the individual exercises, (Ex: Type “proper push ups” in the search term box) so you can learn proper form and technique.

2. Jump roping – There isn’t a more effective cardio exercise when it comes to at home workouts. Jump roping can burn up to 1000 calories per hour and it tones the entire body, both upper and lower muscle groups. Not, to mention that it’s great for building coordination.

3. Walking – If you’re looking for a starting point, walking may be the perfect solution. Walking is a low impact cardio exercise. The key is to walk at a fast pace, and not a leisurely, slow pace. Add some bounce to your step and have fun with it. And, don’t choose a short route, take a longer route, at least a mile or two if possible, and then keep adding distance as you progress. As a side note, it’s important to invest in good quality walking shoes.

4. Jogging / Running – There are amazing health benefits to jogging. It’s not only a great cardio exercise, but it also is an effective exercise for losing weight. If you want a fun way to begin running, you can start with “mailbox” running. (Yes, I made this up!) Gradually add mailboxes to your route until you finally reach your mileage goal. And, don’t forget your iPod or mp3 player so you have a background beat to keep you going. Also, make sure you invest in good running shoes to protect your feet.

5. Purchase a DVD or iPod exercise program – Make it easy on yourself by bringing the fitness coach directly to your door, then you don’t have to worry about designing your own workout program. If you don’t know where to start, then this is the place to start for an instant easy solution to at home workouts.

Do you need even more ideas? Read this article: Simple At Home Workouts.

In your search for the perfect exercise program, remember to keep it simple. Read my reviews on effective at home workout programs at http://www.bodyfatweightlosstips.com.

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