The Importance of Green Tea

Green tea is worldwide adjourned as a healthy drink. The nutrient of which it is made up of makes it so different and healthy from the other drinks and teas available in the market. Its nutrients help this tea in fighting against cancerous cells, and protecting you from almost every type of disease. This drink is  healthier any day from those others available on the market.

The antioxidants EGCG is much more effective than vitamin c and is more effective than the compound Reversterol. Its importance is far more than just being a healthy drink. It fights against the diseases, and controls your sugar and cholesterol levels.

It inhibits aging there by helping you staying younger for a lot longer. It decreases your chances of getting cancer. It helps you shed weight naturally so you do not need to work so hard on physical exercises.

It smooths your skin, protects it from harmful rays and protects you from getting any skin related problems. It helps you in lowering the visibility of wrinkles on your face while also protecting you from sun burns.

It also supports the body in expelling that waste and toxins in your body. It allows your body to alter the rate of metabolism, therefore burning fat faster. It also maintains the intake of calories in your body.

Green tea lowers your chances of acquiring any cardiovascular disease. It also inhibits hypertension. It protects your cells from any serious injury. It strengthens your immunity system there by helping you stay far away from any kind of disease.

This tea with its long advantages is the world’s 2nd most consumed drink after water. It is a natural healer. Therefore because of its medical and herbal advantages and benefits, people are encouraged to make it a part of their daily diet.

It is also noticed that it relieves a person from body itching, blemishes and any kind of swelling. The exact dosage of this green tea is not yet decided by doctors but still 2-4 cups of green tea per day can help you in achieving higher standards of health.

The antioxidants it possesses are its chief producers of all these benefits to human beings. But one should keep something’s in mind. Before starting drinking green tea one should always consult their doctor or their physician. If you are allergic or deficient of some thing, this drink may not suit you.

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