Are You Ready for the Whole Life Challenge?

In 40 years of covering health and wellness, we’ve seen countless fads come and go: from the rise of HIIT to the emergence of the Paleo movement. But the secret is that fitness is really simple: we’ve told our readers from day one to eat well, stay active, and get a solid night of sleep.

So why are so few of us healthy? Because it’s the execution that’s difficult. That’s where the Whole Life Challenge comes in. For years, we’ve been tracking the company and its refreshingly holistic approach to health. We’ve even had editors take the challenge, which focuses on upgrades to seven daily habits: nutrition, exercises, movement, sleep, hydration, lifestyle, and reflection. The WLC is a six-week long reset designed to change the way you think about wellness. Unlike diets and training plans, you approach it like a game, earning points for things like drinking enough water and taking time to journal. The goal: break your bad habits and slowly develop new, healthy ones. That, at least, is the short version. You can read all about it here

This year, we’ve decided to partner with them. We’ll be taking the challenge as a staff, beginning on January 20. We’re also forming a team open to Outside readers interested in participating. As part of our team, you'll be able to compare scores with other participants, share advice, and get motivation from the crowd. You’ll also get one-on-one access to editors, entry into our new private Facebook Fitness group, and weekly emails with tips and ideas to help you thrive. Membership for new players in the six-week program is $ 39 if you sign up by January 3; $ 49 afterward.

So what does Outside get out of it? We aren’t receiving any advertising dollars to run this project. We will be earning a small commission on each signup, and we expect those earnings to cover our content and newsletter costs for launching the program. But really, this is an experiment for us—and one that we’re really excited about. We hope you join us by signing up

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